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“I feel very privileged to work at Holly Ridge Center because I am surrounded by smart, dedicated women who truly love their job! Every one of them enjoys their job and the children we serve--and we all benefit from watching the children progress in their development!”

~ Julianne Derksema
Family Resources Coordinator


holly ridge center


Program Management
Alicia Skelly – Infant Toddler Program Director
Karen Wall – Operations Coordinator

Terri Anderson – Data Entry Technician

Melanie Bertoglio Receptionist

Tracey Hupper – Medical Secretary

Anette Torres Client Benefits Specialist

Krista Wessel – Clerical Technician


Family Support Team

Chris Cuneo - Family Support Team Coordinator, Licensed Social Worker

Jamie ReamLead Family Resources Coordinator

Julie Derksema- Family Resources Coordinator

Mary Ann Haas Family Resources Coordinator

Venessa Holguin - Family Resources Coordinator

Autumn Morris-Alldredge - Family Resources Coordinator

Meagan Musson - Family Resources Coordinator

Jennifer Wiren - Family Resources Coordinator

Mary Caughell – Mental Health Specialist

Elaina Gonzales - Early Head Start Home Visitor

Michael Luckey - Early Head Start Home Visitor


Pediatric Therapists

Speech and Language Pathologists
Debbie Brewczynski- Therapy Department Coordinator
Carissa Fletcher
Jessica Forcade
Marie Frey

Debi Hagardt

Lizann Hupp
Kay Nelson

Jessica Suggs

Claire Yoshida

Speech and Language Pathologist Assistants

Madeline Hallett

Christen Harlow
Meryl Sanchez
Hope Stevens


Occupational/Physical Therapists
Ashley Larson - OT/PT Department Coordinator
Julie Briggs - OT
Carol Collier - OT

Alexia Kritsonis - OT
Loralyn Leaf - OT

Sarah Reed - COTA

Sascha Gervais, PT

Erika Martinson - PT

Timmie Wallace - PT


Early Childhood
Special Education Teachers

Karen Brehmer, Education Department Coordinator
Robin Kochanski

Susan Hernandez
Laurie Libby

Keary Myers

Lizzie Ostag

Lynn Stough

Susana Urquieta

Nicole Wright

Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing



Teacher of the Visually Impaired

Christina Lundberg


Para Educators

Laura Maxwell
Elfega Moran
Helen Tillson

Shannon Welsh
Ellen Wright


Autism Specialists

Debra Dineen, Lead BCBA


Registered Behavior Technicians

Shannon Dobson

Sarah McGrath

Guadalupe (Estela) Herrera

Kathy Spear

Other Specialists
Dr. Beth Ellen Davis, MD, MPH – Developmental Pediatrician
Sharon Feucht, MA, RD, CD –

Frances Malone - Pediatric Nurse
Dr. Lisa Hardebeck, Ph.D. – Clinical Psychologist

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