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Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center
Holly Ridge Center


“To be part of Holly Ridge Center, is to be part of a miraculous movement that empowers individuals with differing abilities to not just reach for the stars, but create a constellation.”

~SamanthaBeyers AES Employment Consultant


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Job Seeker Solutions

AES helps people who want to work but may need some assistance and support. Each job seeker has different needs. Our Employment Consultants will work with the job seeker to develop an action plan.

If you have a disability there are many ways AES can help you find and keep a job. We can help you consider:

  • Work Readiness
  • Employment vs. Education or Training
  • Talking to Employers About Your Disability
  • Finding a Job that Suits Your Needs, Skills and Interests

We are committed to working with families and support systems. We aim to form a partnership that respects everyone's role and responsibilities. Our highly trained staff will always be professional, approachable and respectful.
holly ridgeServices

AES can help you with any or all of these services:

  • Community Based Assessments
  • Job Development and Placement
  • Community Access
  • Work Skill Building
  • Functional Analysis & Behavior Training Planning
  • Job Restructuring
  • Transportation Coordination
  • Vocational Counseling & Job Coaching
  • Resume, Interview Skills & Job Application Assistance
  • Video Resumes
  • Assistive Technology
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