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“The collaboration of a team of highly skilled and compassionate therapists, teachers and other staff ensure that the best services are provided to meet the unique needs of each family.”

~ Kathy Engelstad,

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Help a Child with Disabilities Receive
Early Intervention Services

Ways to Give
Do you know that Holly Ridge provided services to more than 1,000 children in 2014? This number continues to grow drastically on a monthly basis. Less funding from the government each year means Holly Ridge Center has to rely more heavily on the generosity of community members like you. Every gift helps to ensure that children receive the specialized services and therapies they need.

• One-Time Gift • Monthly or Recurring Gifts • Honorariums & Memorials
• Planned Giving/Bequests • Sponsor a Fundraising Event • Be a Monthly Visionary

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One-Time Gift
Do you know that about 85 percent of the human brain develops in the first three years of life? Holly Ridge Center does and that is why this agency has been so successful for the past 50 years. On average, approximately 30% of children graduating from Holly Ridge Center do not need any further specialized services. Help our agency continue to provide our community with the best early intervention services available.

Please choose one of the following options:


I want to send a donation in the mail. 

Holly Ridge Center
5112 NW Taylor Road
Bremerton, WA 98312-8837

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Monthly or Recurring Gifts
You can choose to make a pledge to Holly Ridge Center by sending a check monthly or requesting credit card billing.

Please call our development office at (360) 479-9023 to set up a recurring donation.

holly ridge Honorariums and Memorials
Make a gift in honor of or in memory of someone dear to you, or in recognition of any special celebration or event. Holly Ridge Center will send an acknowledgement of your gift to the person (or their family) that the gift is in honor or memory of.

For more information concerning other ways to give, Please call our development office at (360) 479-9023 or to set up a recurring donation.
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Planned Giving/Bequests
Bequests are the transfers of wealth that occur upon a donor's death and that include transfers by means of a will or a trust. Bequests can take several forms such as:

  • Specific bequest - a certain amount of cash, securities, or property.
  • General bequest - property that is similar to all other items distributed, usually cash.
  • Percentage bequest - a stated percentage of the donor's estate.
  • Residual bequest - all or a portion of what remains of the estate after specific and general bequests are distributed.

Besides a straight bequest, you can also set up a trust that will benefit charitable organizations during or after your lifetime (see charitable remainder trust and charitable lead trust). Another way to leave money is to name one or more nonprofits as beneficiaries of an insurance policy or as the recipient of your IRA or retirement fund.
holly ridge Sponsor a Fundraising Event

Corporate Support

Corporate partnerships help support Kitsap County's best early intervention program achieve its mission to help children with developmental delays and disabilities reach their greatest potential.

Current Sponsorship Opportunities:
For a full listing of special event sponsorship opportunities click here or contact Holly Ridge at at (360) 479-9023.

Other Fundraising Support
If you or your organization has an activity or event that you would like the proceeds to support Holly Ridge Center, please contact the agency at (360) 479-9023.
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Be a Monthly Visionary

What is a Monthly Visionary?

Someone who chooses to make a monthly donation to Holly Ridge Center, either as a recurring gift through our website, by sending a check each month in a provided envelope, or allowing us to debit a VISA/MasterCard account monthly.

Why Should I Become a Monthly Visionary?
Early Intervention is a smart investment. Less than 4 percent of public investment in education and child development occurs during the first three years which is the time when children’s brains grow the fastest and the most.

Every gift you make improves the quality of children’s lives with disabilities. Recurring gifts create a more predictable flow of income, so the agency can better plan and budget resources for the children we serve throughout the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas.

Federal and State Employee Campaigns

Federal Employees use #60287 to designate your CFC pledge to Holly Ridge Center. To learn more, visit the Greater Olympic Peninsula Combined Federal Campaign website.

Washington State Employees use #0315963 to designate your CFD pledge to Holly Ridge Center.

To learn more, visit the Washington State Combined Fund Drive website.

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